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Happy Wheel

The Happy Wheel game is a bloody vehicle game that is based on physics. The game gives a real sensation of accidents that can happen to anyone. Game Happy Wheel provides a real picture and visualization of occurrence of accidents as well as how they can cause injury, unconsciousness, and death. The challenge is to choose a vehicle, which could be a two-wheeler, bike, or wheelchair, and maneuver to finish live. Happy Wheel is an obstacle course game and has more than a billion online plays. The objective of the game differs with the level of play. In most of the levels, the objective is to cross a finish line and collect tokens on the way. The game has level editors, which enable players to create their own custom levels. The player uses the plethora of tools available such as blocks, guns, and vans to build levels. Happy Wheel is a flash-based game and how well you play depends on your ability to use the keyboard and the mouse. Tilting and acceleration are the main tasks in this game. The "Arrow" keys are used for direction and navigation, while the "Space Bar" serves for the primary action. Secondary actions are achieved through the "Shift Bar" and the control key, whereas letter "Z" is used for ejecting the game. For special ability, use the space bar and to lean forwards, use the left key. The left key enables the driver to lean backwards, while the right key is for leaning right or going over. "Up" key moves the vehicle forward and the "Down" key movers it backwards. The control and shift keys are used for moving the arms and legs. However, the game is now available for mobile devices and the controls may change slightly. Sliding and scrolling controls are used in mobile devices. Happy Wheel is the perfect game to go for to have a real life challenging experience and fun. If you like challenging and violent video games, then this game is a perfect choice for you. You just need to assume that you are a well-prepared racer and go for victory, ignoring the severe consequences.

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